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Accurate Steel Rule Dies and Clicker Dies

Accurate steel rule dies and clicker dies are engineered and designed for cutting materials from kiss-cut psa label stock to heavy duty .25" hardboard. Steel rule or bent rule dies are inexpensive compared to matched-metal and male/female tooling, and can be easily changed in many cases. We manufacture steel rule cutting dies for cutting textiles such as felt, cloth, carpet and leather. Other products we build Picture of 3 cavity steel rule diedies for are paper, gaskets, PSA's, cardboard, corrugated paper and plastic, plastic sheeting, rubber, composites and wood. Many of our rule dies are built for the automotive industry which require tight tolerances and precision.

We also refurbish and repair existing steel rule dies with new rule, ejection material, and punches. Accurate also resizes rule dies, and make engineering changes. Our dies are built for longevity with the finest craftsmanship, rule, and punches for increased durability and repeatability.

We utilize state-of-the-art software/hardware to provide the most effective nesting - minimizing customer material costs. Accurate rule dies are built for longevity with the finest craftsmanship. We also utilize machined punches for increased durability and repeatability.

Whatever your steel rule die cutting needs are we can meet them with exceptional quality and service.


Accurate Steel Rule Die, Inc. is located in Oxford, MI and serves the midwest region, including but not limited to Detroit, Windsor, London, Kitchner, Toronto, Canada, Chicago, IL, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, IN, Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Findlay, OH, Sterling Heights, Troy, Auburn Hills, Macomb, Oakland, Wayne County, Grand Rapids, Livonia, Southfield, Dearborn, Michigan